Finding Naples Homes and Condos.

How to Save Thousands When Buying a Home:

Successful homebuyers who have been able to purchase the home they want for thousands of dollars below a seller's asking price, have some common denominators that emerge.  Although negotiating skills are important, there are key factors that must come into play long before an offer is ever submitted. 

Make sure you know what you want . . . Many homebuyers don't have a firm idea before they go searching for a home. In fact, buyers often have two homes competing for their attention: one that meets their needs, and one that fulfills their desires. My goal is to find one home that meets both

Satisfy your needs first. Find a home that does this and If we’re lucky, you'll also find one that fulfills your desires as well. The important thing is to understand the difference before you get caught up in the excitement of looking. 

Some Cues that will help you save time when purchasing a home:

1. Overpriced:

Sellers wants to realize the most amount of money they can for the sale of their home. Unfortunaly This is done far too often. Homes that are priced 10- 20% over their true market value is not in your best interest, in most cases the sellers will reject any offer that's presented to them leading to wasted time and effort on the buyers side.

2. Somewhat Overpriced:

About 75% of homes on the market are 5-10% overpriced.  These homes will sit on the market longer than they should. Usually there are one of two factors at play: 1. seller believes that their home is really worth as much despite what the market has indicated, or 2. seller has left some room for negotiating. Either way, this strategy will cost both the buyer and seller in terms of time negotiating and ultimate price received once offer has been accepted.

3. Priced Correctly at Market Value

Some sellers understand that real estate is a function of supply and demand and also understand that if not priced correctly their home will sit on the market for months and will likely be labeled as a troubled house by other agents, leading to eventually lowering the sales price lower than fair market price in order to get the home sold.  These sellers will carefully and realistically price their homes based on a thorough analysis of other homes on the market. These competitively priced homes usually sell within a reasonable time frame and very close to the asking price. If a home buyer is not ready to purchase at that time, chances are the home will not be in the market when the buyer is ready to present an offer.

4. Priced Below Fair Market Value:

Some sellers are motivated by a quick sale for many reasons, mostly only reason known to them. These homes attract multiple offers and sell fast. It is important to be cautious and that the agent suggesting this method is doing so with your best interest in mind.


I offer you a way to purchase your next home totally risk-free.

Entering into a Buyer Agreement with a real estate agent can be a risky business.  I guarantee you the right to cancel your Buyer Agreement at any time prior to making an offer to purchase your home, with no penalties or obligations, if you feel my service don't live up to your expectations.